Frogs and Flies Reboot

This update adds:

-A Mac version to download

- a sunset transition to the background

-extra details and animations for the background

-Sound effects for jumping and shooting out your tongue

-It changes the way to win from First to 10 to The most flies by nightfall


Frogs And Flies RebootX2.apk 11 MB
Aug 08, 2020
Frogs And Flies Reboot.exe 37 MB
Aug 08, 2020
Frogs And Flies 15 MB
Aug 08, 2020
Frogs and Flies Reboot Play in browser
Aug 08, 2020

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Added lightning bugs (worth 5 points)! Also added a light 2D effect on the lightning bugs, but it seems to cause lag on the Android export. So I may replace light2D with a simple drawn semi-transparent glow, unless working out some other errors frees up some CPU making the Light2D run smoothly.

Just improved the control by adding one button for jumping back and forth instead of two and one button for the tongue. And they are visible buttons since some of my "beta testers" (friends and family I roped into trying it out) had trouble knowing where to press. 

Also added shading to the frogs as the sun goes down and made a freeze frame on the winning frog at the end of the round.